Programming 1 – Learning Journal

Escrevi isso no diário de classe de Programming 1 na University of the People. Idos de 2017. Estou revisando minhas anotações para o texto sobre o curso e achei interessante compartilhar isso aqui em separado. Segue.

Learning Journal – Unit 4

The process of developing a program with subroutines was very enlightening to me in the overall programming learning process. If in the Programming Fundamentals course we were presented to conceptual models like flowcharts and pseudocode, now we actually use the tools that break the problem into manageable steps and make complex ideas possible to handle.

I know that it can be a naive feeling, but it is a realization that programs are simpler than I originally imagined. Not in the sense that they are easy. Now it is also much more clear to me the amount of effort behind complex software and systems. But they are done in manageable steps. There are several foundations done many years ago that are still used as the basis to systems that are developed nowadays. I do not remember quite well where I read the phrase from one of the Unix OS developers that was surprised by seeing lines of his code in almost every operating system that we use today.

There is this concept of the human colossus: the realization that we build everything on the shoulders of many scientists and inventors that came before us. Being a “genius” in that sense is always a humble process. Humanity is a collective effort and somewhat this is especially intense when we study software development.

As you can see, my feelings on this unit are more philosophical. Routines and subroutines building on top one of another. Black boxes and the recognition that a lot around us have mysterious internal dynamics that we simply do not think about, just trust, use, and even put our lives on its hands. This makes me understand the importance of the work that I might decide to do and the projects that I might get involved in the future. In our times, lines of code can save many lives, but they also can kill many. If in the last learning journal I talked about the importance of studying math to be a better developer, now I see the importance of philosophy and ethics behind what we do and the tools that we have at our disposal. It should not be only about a good job and salary. I must be about us all, the humanity and the human colossus.

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